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Deluxe English Garden Rose Cream Pink 24 Pieces

Deluxe English Garden Rose Cream Pink 24 Pieces
Deluxe English Garden Rose Cream Pink 24 Pieces

A truly stunning rose, lush and incredibly lifelike. Resembles the famous English garden rose.

The bloom is in a globular shape, with its petals enclosing the centre and almost forming a rounded ball.

Very lush and full, with rows and rows of layered petals, with their edges curved slightly outwards.

The petals of the rose are made of delicate yet stiff satin, pressed to resemble the shape of natural rose petals.

Hand-painted, the main colour is toned down vanilla cream, like from a vintage photo,  with a touch of pink in the depth of the petals.

Very high quality.

  • Approximate dimensions: head height 5  cm, head diameter approx 8,5 cm
  • A polystyrene ball inside for maintaining the shape
  • A tiny plastic tube on the bottom for inserting a wire or pre-manufactured rose stem.
  • Sold in a package of 24 pcs.

A beautiful flower for bridal bouquets, table decorations, wedding, funeral floral arrangements, luxurious interior decorations, costume floral jewellery etc.

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