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Cherry Blossom Bouquet Olive Green Pink

Cherry Blossom Bouquet Olive Green Pink
Cherry Blossom Bouquet Olive Green Pink

A bouquet of twigs with a lush amount of tiny flowers, which look like branches of a blossoming cherry.

The bouquet is in a toned down. muted olive colour in its lower part, getting silvery pink on the top. 

The twigs have a wire core, easy to shape and bend if needed. Arranged in a spray, they hot-pressed together on the bottom..

A wonderful find for a florist working with silk flowers.Can be used as it, with inserting other flowers in between or cut for separate twigs.

The separated twigs will look stunning in any flower arrangement, even bridal bouquets. The flowers are of soft plastic,  always remaining in their shape.

  • Five twigs in the bouquet
  • Easy to clean flowers
  • Price per piece

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